Are you weary of searching for answers to questions about how to be happy? How to overcome pain, loss, or tragedy? How to be at peace with the life you have right now? How to make changes to your life that result in personal fulfillment? When we make a conscious decision each and every day to look at life not as a struggle, but as an adventure, we’ll discover a new way of living and thinking that will astound us. An adventure that requires faith, courage, sincerity, respect, honor, dignity, truth, and above all, humility.

I’m your guide and mentor on that adventure, one that will propel your life forward in ways you never thought possible. As a writer and mentor, I help you tap into that rich energy and inner light, the energy you already possess but perhaps have lost, locked behind walls of fear, pride, doubt, or despair. I’m your messenger with the key to help bridge the gap from where you are now to where you WANT to be.

So whether it’s through my own words on the blog called “Ramblings”, whether it’s guidance as a mentor, through motivational videos, or from the “messages” provided to you through music, you will always find a common theme that will inspire you to new ways of living and thinking.

WELCOME to my website and THANK YOU for being here!

Gus Rowe, aka “Gusto”