A Candid Conversation

Are you tired? Tired of your life? Tired of negative news, negative people, your job, your finances, your relationships? Are you scared of what your world has become? OUR world? A world filled with uncertainty, mistrust of others, anger, fear, resentment, cynicism, pride, and egos. All of us know there’s a multitude of sources out there designed to help you; workshops, books, motivational speakers, therapists, the list goes on and on. Most of these “sources” instruct you to follow simple “steps” to get your life back on track, to restore happiness, wealth, peace, and serenity in your life. I’m going to catch flak on this, but I’m here to tell you, NONE of that will help. As long as you continue to think the answers to all that you need and want in life is in what the OUTSIDE world can give you, you’ll continue to encounter disillusionment and despair.

About four years ago, I was in a similar position. Worse, I wasn’t even aware of it. I woke, showered, dressed, and went to work. I came home and self-medicated. The next day, the cycle began again. I started to look in the mirror each day and say, “This has GOT to change. I can’t keep going on like this.” The same thing, day after day, week after week, month after month. Before long I was going through the motions of living, except I wasn’t really LIVING. It’s been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. Was I insane? NO. But I WAS in a rut. A big one. That rut led to a cliff, a cliff that nearly cost me my life. Fortunately, I’m happy to announce it didn’t, though it cost me in other ways; my job, some of my family relationships, my home, my FREEDOM. However, the circumstances that led to that temporary loss of freedom for a few months in mid-2008, has propelled me to a life I could have never imagined today. A life filled with dynamic and life-changing events, personal relationships on a level I never dreamed of, professional doors that flew open that continue to astound me each day. A life where I discovered that I had the POWER within my-self all along to change.

I’ve written extensively on this blog about a number of things, most of which are the DIRECT result of personal experiences. When I hear of people or sites on the internet that purport to help you in some fashion, I always wonder; “Do they speak from personal experience? Or are they simply regurgitating something they were taught by someone else or what they read?” Now I’m sure there are MANY that do speak from personal experience and I would be the first to tell you to listen to them, if in fact, it helps you. But let me tell you something you already know, and if you don’t, perhaps it would be worth listening to. YOU already have the power within yourself to make your world what you WANT it to be. I won’t tell you how to tap into that power. The fact is, only you will know the means by which you do. However, in the weeks and months ahead, I will continue to share some of my own insight into that topic, one it is my hope you will find some of YOUR answers.

Now to Facebook. Many, if not most, of you reading this are doing so via my page called “Gusto”, a page designed to inspire others, a forum by which I share freely some of my deepest thoughts and experiences. The mind, like the world, is rich in color and variety. What people find on that Facebook page is a mirror image of that. There are inspirational quotes and videos, quotes of my own, music, and of course this blog, all designed to foster and promote positive thinking and a perspective of a different way of life many of you may want. Over the course of the past few months, it’s become apparent that there’s a definite need for this type of personal interaction in that forum. I also recognize my page is but one of MANY that attempts to provide you with that. However, I feel it’s unique in this aspect. First, it’s personal. What I share there comes from the HEART, with honor, respect, dignity, and sincerity. Isn’t that all that any of us want out of life? What we want from our fellow brothers and sisters?

If nothing else, it is my fervent hope and prayer that “Gusto” and this website provides you a source of comfort, safety, and love that is sorely needed in this world.




  1. a great post and something I think we are all dealing with right now…I love your words of wisdom

  2. Thank you for your comment. It confirms something I've "sensed" among many people I encounter in this world, especially those of us at "middle age." We've seen so much, experienced so many things in our lives. Restoring HOPE is what's needed.

  3. AS always, Gusto, your words speak from the heart to the heart. I also write and teach from personal experence. It is how I live==could not do it another way. AS you say, all our answers lie within. ..within us not out there in someone else's mind.

  4. Thank you Ali. I'd be HONORED if you'd care to share some of YOUR writings one day. Feel free to post them on my wall if you wish.


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  7. Thank you to the two "anonymous" peeps for giving your time to view this AND to make your comments. They're appreciated more than you know! THANKS!!

  8. Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply

  9. You said it all Gus. Your sight and your post inspire me to look within and find the REAL me that is in this body. With Gods help and your inspiration,I am heading into the next chapter of my life. I am Free to Be Me……… and if some do not like it, well goodbye to you and HELLO WONDERFUL NEW ME.

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