About Gus

Bond A. (Gus) Rowe was born in a small town in Western Kansas in 1958, the only son out of 6 siblings, 4 older sisters, and 1 younger. His father was a farmer, his mother the classic Midwest housewife. When he was 13, tragedy struck his family with the sudden death of his mother due to a horrific farm vehicle accident. His father, not having access to any kind of formal grief support programs, suddenly found himself trying to care for three of his children who still lived at home. Within a couple of years, the fracture his family underwent led him to the San Diego County area where his father’s sister was a school teacher, and where he completed his last 2 years of high school at Torrey Pines in Del Mar, CA. Following his graduation from San Diego State University in 1982, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, as well as falling just a few credits short of a minor in Psychology, he migrated back to his native state of Kansas and by 1985 began working for the local bank as a loan officer in the hometown where he grew up.

Over the course of the next 23 years, he continued his banking career, attended numerous vocational training programs, including the completion of a rigorous three-year study at the University of Colorado’s Graduate School of Banking in Boulder, CO., and eventually attained the rank of Senior Loan Officer for two Kansas branches of what had become a mid-sized community bank with 17 branches in two states. During this time he also tended to farming interests in an informal partnership with his father and, after his father retired from farming in 1994, he took over full-time duties of that operation as well, hiring contract labor so he could continue his banking career. By 2000, after 8 years of marriage, he found himself a single father and primary caregiver for his two children, who were 7 and 5 at the time. For the next 8 years he continued with his banking and farming interests, as well as raising his children.

In 2008, after a rapid series of radical and life-changing events, he discovered himself seeking new opportunities that would take optimum advantage of his talents, skills, and a half-century of life experiences. And so began his trek back west to the San Diego area in March 2010 to pursue a career in the legal industry. Prior to graduating from the University of California San Diego’s accelerated Paralegal program in June 2010, he found he had an un-fulfilled need to inspire others with some of the life lessons he had learned in the form of his writings, so he launched his own website in April of 2010, which came at a time during a radical shift in his life, both from a personal and professional standpoint. The original site, which was really just a blog, provided him the “outlet” he needed to express his thoughts and experiences.

So, at roughly 2:30 a.m. on April 9th, 2010, gustoramblings.com was born. “Gusto”, unbeknownst to many at the time, was a nickname given to him by his father as a young boy. “Ramblings” sort of popped into his head since he leans toward story-telling, as opposed to shorter versions that don’t carry the same “message” he wishes to convey to his audience.

The next step was deciding on how he could get his messages “out there” in order to fulfill his desire to inspire others and, since he already had a personal Facebook account established, he decided to create his own “page” called Gusto. At first, that page consisted of only a few dozen of his closest friends and family. But it wasn’t long before something “happened.” He chooses to call it Divine intervention. Suddenly, a little more than a year after the blog and Facebook page were created, everything took flight in terms of the number of people who were “tuning in” to his messages.

Today, “Ramblings” has been viewed by people representing over 50 countries around the world, with 20,000 views and growing rapidly. Meanwhile, the Facebook page has nearly 10,000 members and has been viewed over 5 million times by people from all over the world and all walks of life. Finally, the crown jewel and ultimate goal is the completion of his first book for mass publication, currently in writing stage, entitled “Inspiration at the END….Discovering NEW Beginnings.”

Gus possesses a unique and unusual combination of talents and skills from his background in financial and legal fields, as well as his innate ability to tune into people’s personal and business needs. To compliment those tangible benefits is the personal grief journey he underwent after his mother passed when he was a young boy, his own remarkable recovery after a rapid series of unfortunate events in 2008, and his desire to be a positive and inspiring influence through the gifts he’s been Blessed with.