An Undying Passion

There’s a lot of life coaches “out there” offering you their services. Most of them I’m guessing have learned their craft through programs designed for coaches. Programs created specifically to “teach” them techniques they can utilize to help you. Of course, there’s no doubt many tap into their own life experiences as well. But in the end, at least from what I’ve seen, they’re students passing along what they’ve learned from a program that “certified” them as a “life coach.”

What makes a good doctor? What makes a good lawyer? For that matter, how does one define a good mother? Did she get a certificate that made her so? No. She learned it on the job. From the moment her child was born, she acted on instinct, caring for her child with love, tenderness, yet a firm grasp of how to guide that child to adulthood.

I’m not what one would call a typical life coach. I have no “coaching” degrees. No certificate. Not yet anyway. And only for the sake of establishing further credibility will I. But that certificate hanging on the wall, what is it worth? What I have is similar to what a mother has. On the job training. It’s called LIFE. I could go on forever about all the experiences I’ve had in 53 years, both good and bad, but I won’t. My record speaks for itself. Time after time over many years, I’ve met one “ending” after another, and yet came back to “new” beginnings. How? Why? Is it important? Perhaps. Maybe it’s a divine gift, I don’t know. All I know is what I have in my heart, an undying passion to HELP others, regardless of whether they’re on top of the world, at the end of their rope, or anywhere in between. Relationships, career, death, divorce, substance abuse, what have you, I’ve seen all of them.

This is my mission. To help you discover NEW ways of living and thinking far beyond your wildest imagination. I’m not exaggerating. I believe this. Yet I’m just like you. I’m human. I’m not a saint. I’m not here on this planet to “fix” anyone’s problems. What I am here for is to help guide you along your journey, with love, compassion, courage, humility, and un-matched determination.

The choice is yours and there’s a special seat saved just for you.  Yet we both know it won’t be easy, and only when you’re ready, will you take that leap of faith. Trust it. I do. So can you! To learn more and to take action, please visit the “Mentoring/Coaching” tab  at the top or click HERE for convenience.

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  1. I personally would much rather get advice from someone who has been there and done that, than one that just “earned” a certificate. Someone with a certificate that they earned does not have that hands on teaching, they didn’t get their hands dirty, so to speak. They are telling you only what they have read from a book…To have a life coach that has been there, it doesn’t get anymore personal than that. Thank you Gus for all you do…an for being brave for sharing all your battles you’ve also been through. You are one of us!!!

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