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How to Love a Woman

ShareOnce in awhile, while we’re online, we stumble upon something that’s priceless. This is a masterpiece written by Terri Plewa, an astrologer, heartcoach, and writer. It’s a jewel worth savoring and saving here on this website for posterity. It’ll move you and touch you, that’s a virtual guarantee. And as I read it, me being “tuned in”, as it were, it brought a song to mind by Bryan Adams, included below. … Here’s to LOVING a woman how she’s meant to be loved. ~ Gusto A woman is not to be invaded. She is not to be questioned or conquered. This has been said a million times. Let’s say it a million and one. She is to be loved. That’s it. It sounds so simple It’s simple, … Continue reading

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ShareYou may be feeling lost. You’re stuck. Hope, to you, is just a word that seems out of reach. But somewhere, on the other side of doubt and despair, lies a beautiful world filled with courage and faith. And where those exist, hope and love will surely follow. So don’t give up. The road may be long, and at times the obstacles seem overwhelming, but when you act and live with kindness and love towards yourself and others, GOOD things, all the best things in life will be yours. That’s a promise, a guarantee, and an absolutely universal truth. ~ Gusto And finally, a gentle reminder, you’ll always have a friend here, it’s about the people, it’s how we make each other FEEL.

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Welcome to the NEW Gusto Ramblings!

Gus Rowe

ShareHi! I’m excited to Welcome you to the NEW “Gusto Ramblings” website! Nearly 2 years ago, April 9th, 2010 to be exact, I awoke early one morning and a thought occurred to me; “You’ve got so much inside that you want to express, so many experiences you wish to share and the lessons you’ve gained from them, why not start your own website? A platform by which you might inspire others?” I had reached a point in my life that I knew I needed an outlet. Up until then, I was merely sharing some of my musings and thoughts on my personal Facebook page, a forum I had joined in early 2009, after suffering a rapid series of tragic events beginning in mid-2007 until June 2008. … Continue reading

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Vanessa Amorosi – The Simple Things

ShareIt’s the SIMPLE Things That Matter!

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ShareSink or swim, jump right in! Change is GOOD! You’re closer than you think! ~ Gusto

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Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (With Lyrics)


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Pay It Forward – Calling All Angels


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Celebrate Me Home-Kenny Loggins


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Phil Collins – Father To Son

Share“Sweet Pea” turned 18 this past weekend and the “Big Guy” turns 16 in a little over 2 weeks. The plan was to see him before then in person but, God had other ideas. So be it. The love is there…always has been, always will be. Look over your shoulder Jess David Rowe, I will be there. Father to Son.

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John Mayer – Daughters (Acoustic)

Share“To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.” ~ Euripides, Greek playwright, 480 B.C.  

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” Everyday Is A Winding Road ” [High Quality] Sheryl Crow

ShareThought of this one coming down the mountain last week. Sure, life’s complicated but how boring would it be if we knew what was around every twist, turn, & bend? Better to lay back, enjoy the show, and savor every sight, sound, taste, touch, & smell as if it were your last. Anything goes.

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Feeling good-Michael Buble

ShareI’ve posted and listened to hundreds of songs over the past year or so and if there is one that can accurately describe everything I feel about my life today, this one would be it. And not just with every single word of the lyrics, it’s the FEELING and EMOTION he puts into this performance that reflects my own feelings and emotions. It’s incredible.

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The Prayer – Charlotte Church

Share INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Version of “The Prayer”.

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Phil Collins – Father To Son

ShareFor my son and ALL sons and fathers. As to my own son, this is our call and our little secret….”Thumbs Up, Seven-Up!”

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Eagles-Love Keeps Us Alive

ShareBy far, one of my favorite songs, because the lyrics reflect the deepest recesses and feelings of my soul…..”I was standing, all alone against the world outside…..lost and lonely, now you’ve given me will to survive. When we’re hungry….love will keep us alive.”

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John Mayer – Say

ShareSometimes Less ISN’T More….I’ll ramble about that shortly.

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