Choices…You’ve Got What it Takes

I won’t give up. Ever. It’s not my nature. From the last piece written here on this website, that much should be obvious to you by now. I won’t give up on you either. So where do we go from here?

So much of that is beyond my control. All I can do is keep offering what I have to give. It comes from deep inside, a wealth of knowledge, love, and awareness of what it takes to overcome, to achieve, to keep going.

Ask yourself, “Am I happy with my life as it is?” If the answer is no, then ask yourself “Why?” Do you even know? Do I have the answers? I’m not here to “fix.” I’m here to guide, to nurture, to help ignite that which you already have inside. Because of all the experiences I’ve had in life, both magnificent and utterly tragic, somehow I’ve found a way through and beyond the pain, grief, and hardship many of us feel and experience every day.

Is my life perfect? Not a chance! But I’m alive. I’m free. And I have a choice. Do I choose to live in the past? Or do I look at what I have RIGHT NOW that I can leverage into a life far better than I ever dreamed?

These are the questions all of us ask ourselves every day; “How do I get past all this?” “How can I possibly find happiness again?” Sure, let’s face it, money would help. But is that the end all to end all? I think you know the answer. Happiness can’t be bought, bargained, or traded for. It’s got to come from someplace else.

You’ve got what it takes. You CAN overcome. You CAN succeed. You just simply need a loving nudge from someone who really cares, who possibly holds the key to the questions locked and hidden inside.

Choices. That’s all life really comes down to. Choices. And it’s all up to you. What price are you willing to pay for that key? If the answer is zero, your life is a mess, and you see no way out on your own or haven’t for some time, then I ask you; “How’s that working for you?” Sorry to be so blunt, maybe even a bit challenging, but I’ve BEEN there! I thought I could “fix” things on my own. Boy, was I ever mistaken! Thankfully, I was given another chance and haven’t looked back since. You want one too? Then CLICK HERE. Will you take it?

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m ready to take another chance and find the key. I know that happiness is behind the corner or at the end of the tunnel! I’m ready here and now.
    Have a wonderful day 🙂
    Your are loved.

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