Don’t Quit….Never Give Up

Every once in awhile,  someone we know says something that catches our attention in a way that moves our soul. Today is one of those for me, and perhaps these thoughts and words from the heart of a fellow human being may touch yours;

“Everywhere I turn, I see and hear people relaying messages of frustration and sadness. I currently have friends fighting the fight of their lives with cancer and other ailments. I have friends who are going through the pains of loss in relationships, friendships, work, self esteem and so much more. So it got me thinking… again.

Sometimes it’s really hard to remember this. Harder for some of us than others, and especially hard for me at times. For as we grow older, our “hope” becomes less buoyant somehow, we find ourselves worn out in the trying itself. But if we give in to the belief that because something is the way it is now, and we don’t like it, that it will always be this way, then it will be. And I really believe that. We have to keep believing that the future will be brighter. That the sadness, depression, loneliness, anger, hurt, rejection or whatever negative emotion or circumstance seems to dominate your life at the moment, will fade away and be replaced by joy, aliveness, genial friends, peace, optimism and Love. We have to believe in a better way, and a better future.

The future is as bleak as we let ourselves be deceived it may be. We have the power every day to start anew. I live by “spirituality” as most of you know by now, and I’ve been praying (in my own way) for the strength to follow my own advice, and to make the necessary adjustments in my inner world to begin to change the outer. I know it can’t happen overnight. So I pray for strength to get through what may feel like the lonely times, the depressing times, the times when everyone and everything seems against you. Evil cannot triumph. Good must prevail. Even if it seems irrational to believe that everything happens for a reason, believe it anyway.

Have faith in whatever you need to have faith in to restore Love to your battered Soul. Don’t give up. Keep on fighting the good fight, for yourself, every day. There’s a reason you are here. There’s a reason that you exist. It’s not a sick and twisted joke, it can’t be. Things are going to get better. It may take some time, but maintain the sure belief that in time negative forces will be kept at bay if you maintain an inner resolve to forgo cynicism and bitterness. I’m trying. I hope I’ve inspired you to try too. You matter. I matter. We all matter. Never give up. I know I won’t.” ~ Denise Pinto Chenier

“It’s complicated, it always is, that’s just the way it goes…..NOW. Let LOVE take over!!”


  1. Very encouraging keep it up,i was about to give up in my 3year relationship but i wont,not after reading this.

  2. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure
    whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You’re wonderful! Thanks!

    • Thanks Dorthy. Everything you see and read here are my original thoughts and work. Sometimes though, it feels like an out-of-body experience, as if I’m led to sense what others experience and feel. Have a good day. 🙂

  3. I was told of your site by a friend. This is like you are writing of my life. Multiple tragedies, the end of a 16yr relationship. So easy to believe I am too old (58) for things to get great once again. Thanks for your insights. I believe you are truly guided. I am a very spiritual person (don’t sit in a church tho’). Nothing happens by chance, including my being referred to your site. I look forward to reading more. Kathy

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