Ebb & Flow

I’ve written and said many times “things happen for a reason.” Most people think when they hear those words, of events in their lives, situations that come up, or circumstances placed into their lives. But the biggest of all is one perhaps many don’t “see” in those words. People. Special people. People that come into your life for a reason. The key difference is how we react. We can of course react positively to the good that comes our way or, we can choose to react negatively if things “happen” that we perceive on their surface as not so good. It goes back to the old saying life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

When something “happens” in your life, whether it be a person, place, thing, or situation, some times what appears to be a HUGE negative can, in fact, be your biggest asset. It depends on your attitude. For instance, let’s say you do or say something that you feel is the “right” thing and suddenly, for whatever reason, it turns out exactly opposite. What is your natural reaction? Do you get defensive? Does self-doubt come into your mind? Do you start having regrets? Or do you even get angry? Or do you look at it differently? Do you say to yourself, “Self? Maybe this happened for a reason? Now, what am I going to do about it? How am I going to react? What is my attitude going to be? Positive or negative?”

That “happened” to me today. The “old” me, the one who viewed life as a glass half-empty, it’s not my fault, or this isn’t fair would have immediately reacted in a negative way. But today, I CHOOSE to react in a positive way. By doing so, what would appear on the surface to be a huge negative in my life, something that can pull me back into old ways of thinking, or living in the past, suddenly turns into my greatest asset!

In other words, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you choose to live and react positively with everything that comes into your sphere of being; people, places, things, or situations, chances are pretty darn good amazing and positive results will occur that will boggle your mind. Once you start doing that, get a taste of it, and go back for more, you will feel like a miner that has struck gold. You will literally LIVE and BREATHE for those moments. And you will never be able to get enough. That’s LIVING! Its at that MOMENT you realize, that if you had to, you would drink sand to get to that oasis of positive water of living.

Life is like water in that way. There’s an ebb and flow feel to it; nothing stays the same, everything changes, but it always circles and cycles around your entire being. When you have faith in God, in yourself, and live in a positive way, then people, places, things, and situations that enter into your ebb and flow, regardless of what will initially on the surface appear to be negative, will suddenly morph into your greatest strengths. Once that becomes embedded into your mind, then it flows into your heart, and ultimately into your very soul. It is at that point you’ve achieved one of the greatest accomplishment you can ever have as a human being. The POWER of changing your outside world from within yourself.


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