The purpose in life is not what we can take from it, but what we give to it, especially each other. So I’m GIVING this to you;

Not long ago, a man travelled a far distance to help one of his sisters tend to their father who had undergone a radical surgery. A few days after arriving, he met someone for the first time. It was his great niece, not quite 3 years old at the time. Early one morning, while he was staying at the home of his sister where his great niece was visiting her grandmother, he was working at his computer in a room near the bedroom where his great niece lay sleeping.

He heard a sound, he turned, and there she was. She’d just woken up, holding a doll in her hand, pacifier in the other, and said; “Where’s Grandma?” The man said; “I think she’s downstairs sweety. Go on, you’ll find her. It’ll be okay.”

Later that day, during a lighter moment, he decided to play a game with her, or rather a playful trick, one he’d done many years before with his own children. He looked at her square in the eyes, then pointed his hand toward her chest and said; “What’s this?” She looked down, not knowing of course there was nothing there. And then he gently lifted his hand up towards her little nose, not quite touching it, and said; “Gotcha!”

Love, life, laughter, and family. Priceless treasures. Cherish them. Once they’re gone, you can’t get them back. Live them fully, with every fiber of your heart and soul.

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