Go for the Gusto in LIFE – My Truth

I’m on a mission. A mission to HELP others. Since the launch of a tab on my Facebook page called “Go for the Gusto in LIFE!” on September 1st, 2011, I’ve received some feedback from some of you, the overwhelming majority of which has been positive. Still, there’s a sense that the concept I’m proposing about “new ways of living and new ways of thinking” has been met with questions, and perhaps some skepticism, as to what my intentions are. This latest chapter in “Ramblings” is intended to answer any questions and dispel any skepticism about my mission. I can assure you, unequivocally; this is NOT a scam, a trick, a game, or whatever one might wish to call it. I don’t operate that way. To put it simply, I’m quite serious about this. I’ve never been more certain in my life about my purpose in this world.
You may have surmised at this point where I’m heading with this. Call it mentoring, life-coaching, advising, guidance, or whatever, it all means the same. Furthermore, I firmly believe I’ve established a reasonable amount of credibility and trust, at least with respect to how I choose to share of myself on Facebook. And speaking of credibility, some may ask, “Why YOU? What makes YOU the expert on how I’m supposed to live MY life?” Before I get into detail on that, let me make something clear, and I can’t put it any more bluntly than this. I have no “formal” training in “coaching.” Zip, zero, nada. That’s why this post is called “My Truth.”
We all know, I most of all and which I’m fully aware of, that there’s a large number of people out there in this world who are offering their services in order to restore and rebuild happiness, peace, prosperity, joy, and a feeling of general fulfillment in your life. One can start rattling names off their tongue easily, they’re everywhere; Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, just to name a few that come to mind immediately. There’s thousands, maybe tens of thousands “out there” at your disposal. More importantly, many you may already have knowledge of through your Facebook page. Perhaps you’ve even sought some of their services. If so, and you’ve found ways to further your personal growth by doing so, then I’ll be the first to say congratulations. I’m sure many of these experts have had formal training themselves, although I’m also certain the reason why they’re so effective at what they do is what they already possess INSIDE; a history of personal experiences, both good and bad, the lessons they’ve learned from them, and the natural talent to pass those lessons on to others, including perhaps you. My point is, WITHOUT that talent and skill, all the “paper” certificates and credentials in the world mean nothing. There’s NO substitute for experience. Period.
Which brings me to my next point, actually an example of what I just wrote. 33 years ago I went to college, thinking what I would learn in a classroom and the little certificate I obtained after 5 years of hard work with a degree in Business Administration and almost a minor in Psychology would be my ticket to the world. And while it certainly helped, what I discovered several years later was something most people aren’t aware of. It wasn’t what I learned from a textbook in college so much as it was from the whole EXPERIENCE of interacting with professors and other students. Turns out, LIFE is like that! Funny? No. It’s nothing more than hard truth.
And so, after graduation, the REAL world hit me square between the eyes. Over the course of the next 33 years, I gained experiences not unlike you or anyone else. I’ve failed, sometimes miserably, took wrong turns, made wrong decisions, and poor choices. I’ve also achieved what some might call unparalleled success in life. So today, right NOW, let me be also very clear and truthful about something else. I’m not what one would consider a “wealthy” man by any stretch of the imagination. What I have instead is better; the rich rewards of another opportunity at life, something that I passionately cling to like a magnet with every fiber of my soul. Truth is, I’m happier now than I’ve been in decades, and consider myself more of a success than I did several years ago when I was a banker and farmer grossing six figures a year. What I’ve lost over the past three plus years in a material sense has been MORE than made up by what I have left; an incredible will to HELP my fellow brothers and sisters in this world, a deep and unabiding love for LIFE, a sense of humility that knows no bounds, the wisdom and knowledge of a set of rich and colorful life experiences, the lessons I’ve learned from them, and applied to my life in a practical, positive, and effective manner. It’s also very important you know that everything you see here in this blog, on my website, and what I’ve created on Facebook has been done ENTIRELY with no outside assistance. I’m doing this my way.
So while I don’t have “formal” training in coaching, what I do have, like YOU, is what’s INSIDE; a lifetime of experiences and lessons. Fortunately, I’ve also been blessed with the God-given ability to take those lessons and pass them on to others in both verbal and written fashion in a practical sense, using real-life examples. To me, that’s more valuable than what any classroom can provide. I have complete confidence I can deliver. However, I wish to also share that, despite that unwavering confidence, I’m fully aware I’m not perfect and don’t have all the answers. I’m therefore taking a pro-active approach in furthering my “formal” education in the mission I’m on. If nothing else, it adds mortar and cement to what is already a solid foundation. It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude and courage to hang with the “big dogs” and I’ve proven myself through ACTION time and time again, I can hang with the best. But, make no mistake, even the big dogs like Mr. Robbins or Mr. Dyer have bad days and shortfalls just like you and I!
In 20+ years in my career as a banker living in a small town, it wasn’t long before I discovered my methods weren’t for every client I had the pleasure of interacting with. People come and people go. Sometimes, they move on to greener pastures. Similarly, I’m fully aware that who I am today and what I’m suggesting may not be for everyone. And I’m old enough, wise enough, and thick-skinned enough to understand if you choose not to accept my way of thinking and living. However, if you have the courage and willingness to experience something NEW, if you WANT something different, if you WANT positive change in your life, if you WANT a unique perspective on how to achieve that which you deserve, then I’m CONVINCED you’ll be a part of this mission. Stay tuned, the mechanics of how we’re going to accomplish our mission together is coming soon! May God Bless and keep EACH of you with good health, happiness, peace, and love….always!
  1. Good for you! I like your spunk, your style, and I feel like your future posts will have something to say that will be worthwhile and interesting reading!

  2. Thank you "anonymous." 🙂 There's no question about it, I speak from the heart, sometimes bluntly, but ALWAYS with sincerity, truth, and love. That's the way we should ALL be.


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