God’s Hands

God’s Hands

Sometimes we must be hurt
in order to grow,

we must fail in order to know,
we must lose in order to gain.
Some lessons are learned best
only through pain.

Sometimes our vision clears only
after our eyes are washed with tears.
Sometimes we have to be broken
so we can be tender; sick, so we
can rest and think better on things
more important than work or fun.
Trip near death, so we can
assess how we’ve ran.
Sometimes we have to suffer lack
so we can know God’s provisions,
feel another’s pain,
so we can have a sense of mission.

So take heart my friend,
If you don’t understand today,
Instead of grumbling,
ask God what He means to say.
In order to learn, you must endure
and learn to see the bigger picture.
In order to grow, you must stand.

Look beyond the hurt, to God’s loving
hands that takes what is good
And give what is best.

And on this blessed thought rest, as
your anxious heart with questions wait.
God’s hand only gives
what his loving heart dictates.

Author Unknown

  1. This is so absolutely true…every single word! Wish I could have written it so eloquently ;). But alas, I did not. So…can I share it? :)))) Looking good, Gus! <3. I'm loving all the avenues you'e come up with for getting your inspirational writings out there for more people to read and appreciate! Encouraging and inspiring people…God's gift to you…and your gift to us :).

    • Thank you my dear! Absolutely, feel free to share this! Or anything else you find here that resonates for you. God Bless you. 🙂

      • So captivating Gus and God truly has been doing lots of miraculous things in Cali. through you and all over the USA. I am truly impressed in your spiritual and self growth over the past several months! I truly mean that! You give me lots of hope and inspiration! Smiles from the Gulf Coast of Texas!

  2. Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou . “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” by Mother Theresa.

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