Group Dynamics

I was thinking earlier today about this one. There’s over 30 of you on the “Gusto” facebook page in just two days now and 7 “followers” here on “Ramblings.” Here’s something I do often and I know this is weird but I’ll share it anyway. Here’s how it goes….

I said to myself, “Self? You’ve done a boat load of rambling, gushing, and spewing since this started. And almost ENTIRELY about you, other than the story with your daughter, don’t you think it’s time to hear what some one else has to say?” Weird, aren’t I? LOL…I know what you’re thinking, “does he really DO that? He actually says to himself …. Self?” That gives you a glimpse of how warped I can some times be!!

Anyway, I’m rambling again so I’ll get to the topic at hand. FINALLY. See? See what I mean? Sometimes you just sit there and go, “WHEN is he EVER going to get to the point?”

Have you ever noticed how, some times in a group setting, especially with strangers or people you hardly know that NO ONE wants to be the first to say anything? Take elevators for instance. Ever notice how most people just stand there like statues STARING at the lights blink from one floor to the next? Why? And why is it when you’re walking down a sidewalk, a store, or whereever and you see some one about to walk right past you and they look DOWN or away? These are the sort of things that intrigue me about us. That is to say, US as human beings. Hell, it’s like we go around AFRAID of each other! Why? I have as many problems as you do, and I’m no better than you just because I “look” nicer in my fancy suit, or the car I drive, or whatever material thing I think makes me special. And so do you! So, let your guard down I say. TALK with people, be open, when the doors to the elevator stop, don’t look up and stare with the crowd. Be different! Say something. Anything! If someone you meet actually DOES look at you, or even if the DON’T for that matter, say Hi! Nice day, huh?

It never ceases to amaze me when I or some one else does this. I’m sure you’ve had the same experience. You felt the immediate change in the “group dynamic” didn’t you? You felt more comfortable, more real, more HUMAN. That’s what we should be about. To FEEL each other. How else are we going to grow? I can’t do it by myself and I’m CERTAIN no one else can. Because we’re imperfect. Why try to pretend we are? Help each other; smile, laugh, share, even with strangers. Think back to when you were a child or think of how you look at a child today when they act this way. What is your reaction, what do you see in your “mind’s eye?” You smiled just now didn’t you? You did! That’s what I mean!

Anyway, the whole point of that little story was to get you to thinking about what I started this latest “post” with. Don’t be one of those that just stands there and says….NOTHING. Be the first one to say when the doors close to the elevator, “Boy, do I feel good all under!!” I promise you, you’ll feel better if you did and you would be AMAZED at the people you meet and friends you might make! Good luck!


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