“Gusto” Turns Two….The Journey Continues

April 9th, 2010. It’s 2:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep. I’ve been back in California less than a month, and already, life is changing rapidly. Recent events, some quite painful, are causing a major shift in my perspective. As I sit there alone in the darkness, something occurs in me that will change my life forever. Turning on the kitchen light, I sit down in front of my computer and start searching on the internet. For what, I’m not sure. But within moments, I soon find out.

During this moment of despair and heartache, my mind takes me back to when I was a little boy growing up on a farm on the plains of Western Kansas. As the only boy out of 6 children my parents raised, my place seemed to always be by my father’s side, working outside tending to the family farm. I recall many things he said, but one sticks out; “Feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning?” And then he would say, “Let’s go Gusto!”

Little did I know then how prophetic and profound that nickname would be. The next thing I know, I’m thinking how many of my friends call me that now on Facebook, as well as the manner in which I share some of my thoughts and feelings, experiences both triumphant and tragic. Yes, I tend to “ramble”, I said to myself. In a flash, it happens. Without any design or forethought, in a clarifying moment of inspiration, “GustoRamblings” is born.

For the next few months, that website and blog would be my outlet, a place where I could share some of my most innermost thoughts. At first, it was nothing more than a form of self-therapy, a means by which I sought solace and comfort in overcoming sadness from events since mid-2008, yet also a place to share glorious moments of my life. But then something else “happens” out of nowhere. The Facebook page called “Gusto” associated with the website begins to resonate with people. I didn’t fully comprehend why at the time. Today, April 9th, 2012, two years later, it’s as clear as driven snow.

By late spring 2011, there were roughly 300 people following the facebook page and many more from all over the world following the website and blog called “Ramblings.” As it and “Gusto” developed from an infant struggling to find it’s way to one as a man on a full-fledged mission to help others in a mere matter of two years, nothing about my life will ever be the same. Where there was once a deposed banker and farmer full of anger, denial, cynicism, and resentment, is now just a humble man full of hope, promise, compassion, and passion with his life pursuit and dream of mentoring others and writing his first book; “Inspiration at the END….Discovering NEW Beginnings.”

This story though, is not about me. It’s about you. And though there are nearly 10,000 souls following me now in a forum called “Facebook”, it’s not about numbers, nor should it be. It’s about learning from one another, helping each other grow and find ways to overcome obstacles in life. Admittedly, at the beginning two years ago, much of what I wrote and shared was somewhat self-serving in nature, which is understandable given the circumstances at the time. That is certainly not the case now. Over the past year or so, I’ve come to realize that the reason why so many people are drawn here is because we share many of the same experiences in life. Experiences, for the most part, which involve pain, anguish, or sorrow, all of which are forms of grief. I’ve “been there.” I’ve walked in your moccasins, many times over in a manner too numerous to mention, at least right here, right now, in this moment. But each time, somehow, some way, through the grace of God, I’ve come out the other side as a better man and better human being in countless ways.

It is those ways I wish to share with you. “New ways of living and thinking” I call them. Finding hope where there is none. Courage in the face of defeat. Happiness in the place of sorrow. Turning what would appear to be some of your biggest weaknesses into perhaps some of the greatest strengths you’ve ever known. Strengths and lessons you can then, in turn, use to make your life better and everyone around you.

These are just some of the elements that go into my mission. It’s not a “system”, per se. It doesn’t involve taking steps A, B, and then C. It’s not a 1-2-3 process or a cookie-cutter approach. Everyone’s different so everyone requires unique solutions. But it does involve some basic fundamentals about conducting our lives on a day-to-day basis we all know well, fundamentals you already possess, but have somehow mis-placed during the journey. You still have them. They may just be locked deep inside and I’m simply one of many messengers with a key to help you unlock them. Call it whatever you wish, that “messenger” comes in the form of a personal mentor, life coach, or simply a cheerleader, helping and encouraging you in the game of life. To learn more how I can be of service to YOU, Click HERE.

Let’s be honest though, I’m just one man and I’m certainly not here to “fix” anyone, nor am I here to judge. And I’m very aware my methods aren’t for everyone. Yet at the same time if you’ve ever experienced or are currently experiencing extreme hardship, pain, and anguish of almost any kind, that’s where we might make a connection on a deeply profound and life-changing fashion.

In the end, it’s not what I do or have done that’s brought me here today with you, a man humbled yet strengthened with the courage and faith in the only One who’s responsible for all the Blessings I have in life. And to Him, my Lord and Savior, I remain forever thankful and grateful. Just like I am for YOU.


  1. What a great story to share. Thank You Gus, and so true, YES. Sharing life experiences and similar feelings because we have all BEEN there in our own individual ways. What a blessing you have become. Thank you for listening, hearing and acting on Gods Nudging you into the place where HE wants you to be. Your outlet is much like my Poetry has been for 36 out of 44 years. God given gifts are meant to be shared. Thank you for sharing yours with us ! ♥

  2. Gus, congratulations. You are doing a good work and giving credit to God. I appreciate you! I was here today, where you are talking about, during the past two weeks, and the things you’ve said the past couple of days have really hit me hard. I have been there in the land of bitterness and did not want to be there, and now there HAS to be a new beginning. I was even questioning God. Me, of all people! I heard T.D.Jakes and Joel Osteen both say tonight that even they have been there. But being broken is how we get Faith. James 1 for tribuations help develop faith, which helps us run the race. I did not even worship on Easter or for Lent, I was THAT far gone. So I know about the brokenness. Bishop Jakes was breaking it down that the loaves got Broken and that’s how Provision happened. What is this thing we call FAITH, that we cannot go forward without? It is that Inner Beauty you spoke of tonight, that MUST shine through, we all have it, we simply have to see our Inner Beauty instead of our Inner Failure. No more pity parties, only moving forward, letting go of that which brings out that feeling of Inner Failure, and grasping the Inner Beauty that God puts there for us to live out. Wow. Thanks Gus, we have a lot in common, I walked the floor the past two nights to reach this point of which you speak. Thanks for your contribution to my life. God’s Love to you. :0

  3. Thanks very much Gusto! You have always been encouraging, motivating and bringing rays of hope with your articles and ‘rumblings’. You are a gift to humanity. Thank God for your life! Love to you, your wife and your family! God bless you always!

  4. ~ Wow, it’s already been two years ?? Seems like we just met !! I have learned a lot from you Gus, most I already knew, but you just said it better than anyone else, whereby giving me a different/new outlook on life. Your wisdom still keeps me in awe, and your wording is amazing !! Stay w/it Gus, I don’t think (hope not anyway) you will EVER run out of words to share w/your friends. God Bless and Happy 2nd Anniversary !! ~ ❤

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