You may be feeling lost. You’re stuck. Hope, to you, is just a word that seems out of reach. But somewhere, on the other side of doubt and despair, lies a beautiful world filled with courage and faith. And where those exist, hope and love will surely follow.

So don’t give up. The road may be long, and at times the obstacles seem overwhelming, but when you act and live with kindness and love towards yourself and others, GOOD things, all the best things in life will be yours. That’s a promise, a guarantee, and an absolutely universal truth. ~ Gusto

And finally, a gentle reminder, you’ll always have a friend here, it’s about the people, it’s how we make each other FEEL.

  1. James Taylor a dear old soul he is.Thnks Gus for the encouragement!

  2. Still sweet Gus I really love what travelling does for you! and all of us your readers and listeners! thank you! <3

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