Love is a Moment That Lasts Forever

This is for all the guys out there. But since 85% of this page’s members are of female persuasion, feel free it to share with your “guy”, too. Hope this is something that resonates.

Guys? When a woman says “I Love You”, she means it. That means more than treating her like a lady. Whether you’ve been with her a week, a month, or 50 years, make her feel like it’s your first date every day. Gaze into her eyes as if it’s the last time you’ll ever see her. When she cries, don’t try to stop her. Women do that. Cry with her if you have to. When she gets mad or yells at you, don’t yell back. Take it. After all, she’s the one who puts up with your dirty clothes, your snoring, pampers you when you’re sick and being whiny about it, and all those other “guy” things we’re known for, including hogging the remote.

Assume nothing. Risk everything. Make breakfast. Help with the children’s homework. Play with them. If she says she wants to take a long bath by herself, light the candles, fill the tub yourself, and while she’s soaking her worries away…..clean the entire house, up to and including all the laundry. Don’t do as your told, do things without being asked. Give her little surprises every day. Leave little “love notes” where you’ll know she’ll find them when you’re gone. Practice “date nights” religiously. Send her flowers for no reason at all just to let her know you care. And last but not least, your respect, honor, trust, integrity, faith, kindness to others, and unconditional love will go further and last longer in her heart, than all the fine jewelry, clothes, or fancy cars you’ll ever give her. In the end, that’s all you can give her anyway, what you have in your heart.

Feel free to add your own, the list is endless, just like your love should be. ~ Gusto

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  1. Very sweet Gus how about us old ladies lol <3 Nice music too. ox Thank you

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