People Who Inspire – Part I

Things continue to “happen”. The other night at the Eagles concert, Glenn Frey introduced a song called “No More Cloudy Days”, a love song I hadn’t heard in awhile. Odd moment, too. It was shortly after dark, not a cloud in the sky, moon about half-full just above the stage. Just as they began to play the song, there suddenly streaked across the sky center right just above the top of the stage, a shooting star. I looked over at the person standing to my left and we both just sort of went, “did that just REALLY happen?” Everyone gasped in the stadium in disbelief.

Here’s the weirdest part if you can believe it. BEFORE this shooting star scene, I had come out to go to the bathroom. As I left I noticed a lady sitting on a bench by herself in front of me. She was looking down at her cell phone, crying. She dialed a number, held the phone to her head, put her other hand on her cheek, and waited. I could tell no one answered. That’s when I did something I NEVER used to do, at least not until the past two years. I walked up to her, kneeled in front of her, and asked: “are you okay?” All she could do was hold her head down and sob. So I did something else. I put one of my hands on hers, the other on the side of her head, as if I was holding her and said, “hey, its okay. I’m here. I’m real. Don’t be afraid, I’m here to help you.” She looked up and that’s when I saw this woman had a deep soul, a good heart, and she was hurting. Bad. That’s when I told her my name and asked what hers was. Before long, we were talking about what happened. One of her girlfriends and her had gotten in a fight over something trivial and her friend had her kicked out of the concert. The sad part was her friend had this woman’s house keys and she was trying to get her to come out of the concert, give them to her, so she could go home since she had a ride coming from another girlfriend who was already on her way.

And then I realized something. I had an extra ticket in my pocket!! So I said, “hey Cari, come on in and sit with me for a few songs until your friend arrives. For pete’s sake, you were sitting in the lawn section waaaay in the back where your so-called friend is with your house keys and I’m in Section 101, not 50 or so yards from the stage, PRIVATE seating!” She hesitated for just one second then said, “let’s go then!”

Long story short, by the time her friend had arrived, she was smiling and had stopped crying. She gave me a huge hug and she was gone. Then came the shooting star. Why?

Because things happen for a reason. People come into your life for a reason and you into theirs for a reason. Good reasons. Positive reasons. INSPIRING reasons. The connection of Cari’s soul and Gus’ soul will exist now for eternity, though we will never see each other again. But someday, maybe soon, something good and positive will happen in her life and in mine. All because we made a connection, one based ENTIRELY on trust, faith, love, and a sincere care for another human being’s welfare.


  1. Hello. fantastic job. I did not imagine this. This is a remarkable story. Thanks!

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