People Who Inspire – Part II

I have a facebook friend who has someone in her life very very special. In the interests of privacy though, I will be using fictitious names with this story. It’s a story that gives me inspiration and it is my hope it does the same for you. First though, allow me to give you a little background on “Jane.”

I became “friends” with Jane on facebook about a year ago. She was involved in threads with a mutual friend of ours, a man I went to high school with here in SoCal over 30 years ago. She and him had been friends outside of the facebook world for some time, I believe it was when he was once working and living in the L.A. area where she lives.

The best way I can describe Jane is she’s an enigma within an enigma. When I first noticed her popping up on threads with my old h.s. classmate, I could tell she was bright, sassy, intelligent, witty, and very blunt. She’s also married with two children, is a personal fitness trainer, loves motorcycles and horses, about 10 years younger than I, very spiritual and religious, though not in an overbearing way, and an attractive lady. The reason why I say she’s an enigma is my first blush of her was contrary to what I later learned about her. At first I thought, wow, she pushes the edge of risque content on facebook, yet what I discovered much later is she’s one of those people whom you just can’t ignore. She has strong faith in God, is fiercely loyal to her friends, and you best not cross her, because if you do she’s not one to “take prisoners.” In other words, “good people” as I told her recently. My kind of friend.

Jane has a facebook friend whom I will call “Jack.” Jack’s a cop in the L.A. area. And like Jane, he has a keen interest in motorcycles. I think they have been friends for many years, going back to when they were teenagers, schoolmates, and soulmates as friends in the truest sense for a quarter of a century. She calls him her “bestie.” I’m sure she has other descriptions for him, perhaps even a guardian angel. All I know is they have a very special and unique bond.

A little less than a year ago, Jack nearly died as the result of a horrific motorcycle accident. I can’t recall all the details now, but I remember Jane sharing some of the story on her Facebook wall. He underwent numerous surgeries for injuries to his extremities, 14 in the just the first 32 days, was really not expected to live at first, and the doctors thought he might even lose a leg as a result of the motorcycle accident. But he didn’t. Not only did he live, he also kept his leg, and against all odds over the course of months and months of surgeries and therapy, he walked again. I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out here and I know Jane can tell this story much better than I. Suffice it to say that he defied the odds of all medical science and opinions. There were doubts he would live at first, no one expected him to keep his leg, and certainly no one thought he would ever walk again. He met all those challenges and more. Here’s where it gets inspiring.

Recently, in just the past few days in fact, Jane posted something on her facebook wall and I’ll paraphrase it as best I can without copying and pasting what she wrote: “watched Jack, whom I thought I had lost nine months ago, and whom we doubted if he would ever walk again, let alone as a cop, walk into a hospital room, IN UNIFORM, to visit another cop friend of mine who had suffered severe injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident. He WALKED IN to encourage him in the struggle ahead and to show him what is possible with determination.”

I’ll add these thoughts then. God works in mysterious ways. Think about it. Two cops, both friends of Jane, both who suffered horrific injuries from motorcycle accidents, one nearly a year ago and who not only lives, but also WALKS again, defying all odds, and coming in to another person’s life to provide him with inspiration on what is possible with faith, will, determination, and the unwavering support and love of many people and friends, including these two special people.

These are the kinds of people I WANT in my life. People like Jane and her inspiring and incredible friend in Jack. People who value life at its most basic level; with faith, love, sincerity, and a willingness to reach out to their fellow man in their time of need.

So, who do you want in your life? When someone comes into your life, don’t forget, they did for a reason. Usually you’ll find those reasons are good ones, positive ones, INSPIRING ones.

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