1) Disappointment comes from expectation
2) Most relationship problems come from expectations

So, I decided to try an experiment. To have a relationship with NO EXPECTATIONS.

It’s hard, but possible. It sounded impossible when I thought of it, but it is in fact possible.

Hopes are ok. Wants are ok. But expectation is out. Expect nothing of no one, and you will never be disappointed.

Remember, this is in RELATIONSHIPS. Different rules for other situations.

Expectations from yourself are a double-edged sword. They help you stay focused and achieve your goals, but can also lead to self-disappointment – possibly crippling disappointment. You have to learn that in your own life, you will make mistakes and will fail to achieve some objectives. The trick is to make goals for yourself that you can achieve (if others like you can do it, then you can do it too), but which are substantial enough that they are worth risking failure for.

Complicated? Yeah, and I’m not taking the time to explain it right. This is a complex question with few simple answers. In the end, it’s all about self-forgiveness for our shortfalls and acceptance that, whatever happens, it’s exactly the way it’s meant to be!!


  1. I honestly think this is a hard one to chew on….I expect a lot of myself. When I care for someone, I’m in all the way. I guess I have the old school ways, “taking care of people”, making life easier on them, doing what needs to be done, not waiting to be asked. So, I do expect a lot from myself. Now on the other hand in my twisted way of thinking, haha I believe if someone cares, they would do the same in return, which “expectations” come into play. I guess with the way I think, I’m the type that is “willing” to expect from myself because I care, an I expect them to do the same *which at times can cause issues*, because we are all different and show emotions differently. I’ve been in this situation before…Say I go mow their yard an I’m in the heat all day to help them an make their life easier, now I have a miss in my car and they don’t even offer to look at it..Yeah I expected them to after all I did for them. So yeah, that’s a big fault of mine…haha

  2. Well I’ve actually been in that situation before…Their reply ” Well I didn’t ask you to do any of that”….You know after awhile its’ like when your doing and doing an doing, its like you start feeling like your just not good enough for that person. When its always a one sided situation. You do, an they take….I think when someone cares they would think of you also. So, I’m not sure I could be in a relationship without expecting back in some sort of little way.

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