The beginning

First, let’s clear up this “gusto” thing. Many of my facebook friends call me that.For whatever reason, one day someone called me Gusto on facebook and people took off with it. Oddly enough, they don’t know the real story behind it. When I was a young boy growing up on a poor Western Kansas farm my Dad called me that from time to time. I’m not sure when he started to or why but it stuck. Today, at age 51, having moved back to northern San Diego county after having left in late 1982 following college graduation, it’s still with me. The “rambling” part? Because that’s what I do when I write, rambling on and on until you want to just gag on all the stuff that “gushes” forth. There’s another one. Gush. One of my, sadly to say, former facebook friends and the one who was instrumental in pushing me to get the heck out of Bum Fucked Kansas as she used to put it because my star was too bright, started calling me that as we were chatting non-stop on yahoo one day. At one point she said, “you just spew all over the place Gush!” We laughed our asses off on that one. Even so, she mentioned one day when I wrote something to her that was particularly poignant, “I could just read what you write to me forever, you have a way with words. You should write a book or something.” So, who knows? Maybe this is the start?

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