Time Management

Time management. Many of us hurry through life going from one place to the next, focused on conquering the next mountain, making the next deal, running the next errand, and believing we will never have enough time to do all the things we need to get done. There’s all the time in the world once we realize we’re creators of this life we choose. Life is a series of choices and freedom from stress is one of those choices.

If your life is overly complicated, it’s because you have chosen this current system of chaos. The world is a tantalizing swirl of getting the next “fix,” tempting us to fit more and more things, people and processes into our lives. And because we are so busy being busy, it’s easy to be lured into the fray, with our lengthy to-do lists. Yet the greatest achievements have often come from the simplest of ideas and in the simplest forms.

Years ago, I learned this simple step of simplifying. Take out a blank sheet of paper and draw a large “T” on it. On the left side, list the positives in your life and what you wish to create that is anchored by a clear sense of your unique and simple purpose. On the right side, list the negatives in your life you wish to rid yourself of. The things that are causing you stress. Let them resonate in your mind for a few moments.

Finally, here’s the twist. Take a pair of scissors, cut off the right side of the page, and toss it in the trash. What you’re left with is your NEW life. ~ Gusto

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